How do the Cleveland Browns, one of the worst teams in the NFL, get their fans excited and involved in the 2017 season?

Make them just as important as the guys on the field with a little reverse fantasy football. Players pick fans. Fans play to win. 


Landing Page

Fans can read about and sign up for FANtasy Football on the Browns' homepage.


Acceptance Email

Entering allows the Browns to access and analyze a fan's data. Then, 100 fans are selected based on their fan stats i.e. social activity.

email mockup_browns.png

These 100 fanatics are drafted by 10 Cleveland players in a livestream event called The Dawg Draft.

FANtasy Leaderboard

Each week, a fan's performance is measured and scored just like the players.  

And like any fantasy league, there is a winner and a loser. The player with the highest-scoring FANtasy team gets to introduce them to the real team. The loser will perform a punishment voted on by the other players.